Monday, December 6, 2010

changing the distribution model into co-creation disto w/artist/bands/labels

So let's get what it is we are talking about-Right.  Distribution is the movement of goods from suppliers to a middleman i.e. distributor who in-turn reaches out to retailers, digital partners and others that are interested in securing the partnership benefits that a wholesaler has when there are large number of suppliers and retailers all of whom are seeking to satisfy a limited number of customers.

Now let get the most important part out of the way.  Major vs. Independent.   If your not on a label owned by a major distributor  then you are on an Indie label and while you may at the moment enjoy major distribution it will be plain to everyone after this holiday season that they are jettisoning those labels they don't directly control.  

Sorry the writing is on the cards and the only folks that think different are the ones that expect what was to stay the same.  While digital is big news physical sales is still 58% of sales so for the most part well highlight it here.
No matter what path you take to get to a distribution contract presently both Indie and Major charge a setup fee 5-20k and then you the producer, see contracts, have to make sure you have funds available to support, at present, 1-Major$$$$ depending upon the retail placement or general marketing of your product. There is a reason why the supplier gets the 5-7 bucks per record.

Sure, What supplier doesn't want their product in as many stores as possible. Now the stores would love to have those artist in their stores that have a connection to the local fans because the second law of distribution is that if don't sell or breaks your will get returns. Again see contract and note largest amount of dollars from the overall sales is going to you the suppliers.

Considering a  distributor will normally try to sell it to the stores and what happens from that point on is a whole-nother-set of issues.  Lets just stop the whole cycle here and offer an alternative and sorry major label artist your stuck in your lame ass deal.

If your an artists/band/label we have a plan that will allow you to interact with our system ala-cart so if your ready to deal let us know the general plan is that we have restructured our company stock-ownership plan and our suppliers will be offered when signing up for the Distro-Beta level distribution plan which will start at $1500.00 which inclusion in Altavoz's retail catalog, and a one sheet, visit our contract co-creation site to see the contract develop

With this reduced price for catalog setup Altavoz is already making the distribution equation more friendly for the suppliers yet we are not going to stop there.  When someone signs up for this Distro-Beta deal will get a warrant for the future purchase of 1 unit of Altavoz common stock.
That's right the act of getting a managable distribution agreement will now also put said supplier into the position of stockownership in the vary company you need to sell your goods. 
Please let us know if there is another distributor that can place your product in front of  85 percent of the music buyers and make you a music sales star and you get to be one of the owners.   Well, they all will because we are only just beginning.

When milestones in sales are reached our suppliers will be offered the traditional cash incentives or more warrants for stock.  Every product that records sales of 10 units will receive 50 units of stock outright. So sell 100K worth and your get 500 units of common stock in the company that is selling these for you and other suppliers just like you.

BTW your making money with each sold and you know every download, stream and store pull online partners sales figures any day or time of the week 24/7/365 transparency we have asked some of the greatest hackers and programs to build the system they would support and that the know will support the artists and bands that we all love and need.

So we are going to combine this technology which we are going to be offering up the APIs and moving to an open source platform in the near future.  As for the digital part once we have you in our system we have online systems in place that will stream and allow downloads that in turn gives us all data about the when and where your fans are in real time.

Not a guess a pin point match.which then tells you, us, promoters, radio and retailers that there is something afoot and if the numbers and then tour schedules sync up the magic that is the new music business will unfold and everyone will have fun and make a just reward for the effort.

btw we have a Distro-Alpa plan that will be coming online that will allow suppliers into our distribution system without any setup fees, sorry no warrants to start however once you makes some sales the offer is the same sell units, make money earn warrants for ownership in the company that is selling your product(s).

If you think about it the suppliers are now the co-owners and the fans and everyone else gets what they want the best music in the most choices that a collections of fans can demand.

So what about the artist that is just smart enough to come straight to distribution. Since we are a cooperative of many there is a chance that we many have an indie label in our database that will take your product on which our Distro-Alpha deal will show the moment your music hits our system.

*At a certain point in time we will be announcing P&D , packaging and distribution deals and those will be pretty much alone the line of an LLC with us and you and the ability for you to sell and tour doing the rest.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The untold history of the Record Business.

The New Music Business and what is, is a matter of which end of the food chain one is on.

When Mary Liles launched Altavoz Distribution back in 1994 she and the other mary pranksters* knew that bands that stayed together tend to tour and then possibly record a record and then what. To this day most dont undertand the then what. I believe we are going to have to go back a bit in time to understand how we got here today.

Tom Silverman at the closing ceremony of the New Music Seminar in NYC had a side of a the first record player and how it changed the way folks interacted with musicians and the music itself. Prior to that all music was either live or one looked at it on paper which is weird cuz their both music the notes on the page however they are different aspects of it. Anyone want to guess which end the music business has (until folks like Mary and many others that are unknown to most ) ruled the universe of music.

Well it when down like this. Back in NYC around 1891 this thing called the talky box appeared and it was all the rage. The thing about it was that it was not music it was just talk. A friend so John Phillip Sousa sent him a letter and said:

"Hey John how about you record some music from that great band you lead and send it up here.

So John assembled the Marine Corp band and had they recorded the March of El Dragon.  And,  it when down hill from there for Recording artists still to this day there do not get compensated when their music is aired over the radio.  See
Stay tuned for the next blog on the unknown history of the Record Business and how we're going to make not only right it will be the WIN WIN WIN WIN that is the hallmark of HelpEarth/AltavozDistribution