Monday, September 12, 2011

RollingStone asked a question today and it shows the importance of music

What was your first concert? Tell Rolling Stone and find out which artists, fans and editors shared your experience:

We'll we asked everyone @altavozdistroco what there's was so here it goes.

Nelson's I got the lady staying with my sister and I to drop me off at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, the year was 1979 and the event was the Texas Music Festival or Jam as it was known. The line up was pretty amazing. 1979

  • TKO

  • Sammy Hagar

  • Nazareth

  • Van Halen

  • Heart

  • Boston

  • Blue Öyster Cult

  • My plan included me somehow hooking up with my sister who was already there and I would somehow get a ride back with her.    Let's just say that the plans of a 14 year old don't always make sense.  Needness to say I had a  blast.

    Alex's is pretty sure it's Weird Al in 2000 which explains a whole bunch about him

    James of course saw Judas Priest's & Queensryche in 2005. 

    We'll update this when we get the rest of the crew.