Thursday, March 24, 2011

How One Music Startup Is Defying the Odds By Breaking the LAW

How One Music Startup Is Defying the Odds By Breaking the Rules

The fact that this company got 800k and their plan is in no way directly connected to artist is a total joke. Here's the funny part. Altavoz launched 3 streams for Microsoft's windows media and had 74 thousand individuals on it daily in 2000 and we couldn't get 10K. We did it with scrapes. Mind you this music was also legal.

The part of this plan that I highly question is the fact that this company is going to stream this music and they think that somehow, someway they don't have to comply with the same rules that others that stream music have. Like having to pay sound exShaITge.

How to you stream music for free.

We also pointed out that folks down more the 3 bucks a day on designer coffer and scoff at the idea of payin artist for their work. Maybe this company would like it if we took all their workers and had them come over and do some role for us without compensations. Oh wait. the promise of paying a company that will pay another company and it claims that they will pay the artists is good enough for 800k and mention in the press these days.

Oh well, you get what you pay for right..........