Thursday, March 17, 2011

Independent Music is good for American Jobs.

So let's face it the way the world of entertainment works, The Majors are on top driving 90 percent of the profits.   So what have they done?

They have done the same thing that every multi-national company has done.   Take all the jobs and money out of the US economy and laugh all the way to the off shore bank.

Now lets' look at the difference between Indie & Major record companies.

  • Majors- think Halitburtonization of whole business model. 
  • Indies- think mom & pop, local owned business.

The continued attention to all things Major Record label related and for their financial gain has actually hurt the US.  Now! if we lift up the covers and take a look at who they are in bed with - There is a reason why the main stream media covers them relentlessly. They are part of the same eco system and it is used to to reinforce their business model. Rest assured they are still making loads of money the Entertainment Business grew by 2.3% in 2009.  Yep during a recession.

Now! over here in the Independent community we are all operation daily in our local markets, our suppliers are often local design, manufacturing, and packaging firms. All of these checking accounts are often serviced by local banks and the artists, bands, and labels all live in these communities.  So we are hosting our whole eco system in the US Economy.  Where are the Majors?  Where ever the best Tax policy for them and their profits exist.

The sad truth in light of this is that the US Government, Congress and So called trade groups are actively undermining the Independent market ever day they show up to work -if you call it that- Because Indie's are not in Washington  with lobbyist lining their pockets with drugs, sex parties and wild boozed filled nights there is no heed paid to the local music business.   And,  Politician have the nerve to point at music as some bad influence.

So it begs to ask....who's business is better for the US Economy.