Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mi2N.com - US IP Czar Proposes Limits On Civil Rights And Liberties To Protect Big Content

Obama Administration is showing that they know very little of the state of the music business and or they are just stooges for the Major labels.

Which by our reckonin'  are stealing American jobs, and taking Profits overseas and now they want to fill our prisions with folks that do what radio users do every day~ hear music without the artist being compensated.

" White House's IP czar Victoria Espinel is calling on Congress to further expand and toughen U.S. intellectual property law, which is already among the most sweeping and strictest in the world. Copyright regulation has grown into a massive and complicated bureaucratic system, which has lost sight of it purpose and limits. The capture of this Administration and key members of Congress by the powerful special interests called Big Content continues to grow as demonstrated by this report, which fails to address the need for a balanced reform approach.

Espinel is asking Congress to expand federal wiretapping laws to pursue those accused of infringing on copyrighted material, and to ensure that illegally streaming movies, once considered only civil infractions, be treated as felonies".