Saturday, March 26, 2011

There has been ZERO investment in USA distributors

Distribution, too, has been changed substantially by the Internet. Caves (2000) emphasizes a number of factors favoring large scale enterprises in physical distribution during the physical era, including a need to get a large quantity of physical product into many stores before popularity wanes Page 25
 Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie?
The Supply of New Recorded Music since Napster

Joel Waldfogel
The Carlson School and Department of Economics
University of Minnesota and NBER

Name me one investment that the VC or any us financial institution has made  in 15 years to support the distribution aspect of entertainment goods.

The whole media fell over themselves to ape the words of the founder of MP3 who claims CD will go to Zero.  So all the fools in the investment community lap it up like cool aide and keep the hegemony of the majors alive (est  earning 99 percent of the profits in entertainment while only supplying 20 percent of the products) and killing the non major aka U.S. based Distribution companies.

We can show rejection letter after letter from the investment community for geo-centric distribution and legal streaming and downloading of entertainment.. And, if you consider the nature of technology they have by investment choices put more people to work in India then domestically and here's the shocker they helped to undermine the US Economy.

We did have a robust export business for U.S. produced entertainment goods, And that happens when ecosystem of artists and professionals can come together to co-create. That market is the US music and film community.  Want to know what happened.  Ask Bob Geldoff.
“I’ve heard a million cool bands at complacent and smug festivals, but the music I hear is continental navel-gazing. Don’t do it – look up. Address the world with confidence. Don’t turn inward. Don’t be scared of the future: look at it cold-eyed and try to create a new world with your values.
The reason that this music is not being heard in public is that today the pain or rock against which art bangs forth our values is in direct opposition to the oppressors of our time aka -  The Major Entertainment Company's.  We have a whole blog now to support our campaign Buy Indie Support Locals.

Right now they are still suing the fans and they earned another first recently by suing a consumer in court over a copyright violation. No one ever tried that and in industry that depends upon fans jumps the legal shark yet again.  They are sick, disparate and have no model for the future heck they make some of the dictators look like philanthropic hero's

FYI note to all investors that rejected our plan. If we find that they illegally user our music personally or via a copy they invest in.  We will use the RIAA to sue them into the ground.

In the words of Nelson on the Simpson's. HA HAA