Sunday, May 15, 2011

Altavoz Distribution Brings on Music Industry Legend Bill Daly to Board of Directors

Altavoz Distribution Brings on Music Industry Legend to Board of Directors
Bill Daly, Owner of Crooked Beat Records and Founding Member of Insurgence

Washington, DC -- Altavoz is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Daly, owner of Crooked Beat Records in Washington, DC, to its Board of Directors.  Daly‘s legendary path in the industry includes his years as founding member, bass player, singer and lead songwriter for the punk-influenced band Insurgence and was a key figure in the success of Schoolkids Records, the first and only independent music store in Raleigh, NC.

Daly was also a key figure in the creation of the original Altavoz Distribution back in 1995. “It is very satisfying to know that an idea I had almost 20 years ago is still pertinent and continues to move forward in today’s world of independent music,” said Daly. “I am confident that I can help Altavoz grow and am excited to be a part of the team.”  

A Washington, DC native, Daly gave up a basketball scholarship to go to college in North Carolina. “ I went there not only for school,” Daly recalls. “I already knew there was a strong music community in NC and wanted to be involved in it.” While there he formed Insurgence who put several releases and played over 400 shows from 1987-2000. The band has been on hiatus since 2000. But initial plans are being made to record a new album and play shows later this year.

At Daly’s suggestion a group of his friends met with him at his house one afternoon in the winter of 1995. It was there where he expressed his idea and suggested they form a distribution network that would assist independents artists with their releases. Daly’s vision planted the seeds for an independent music distribution company that today is the entertainment distributor Altavoz.

In 1997, he left Schoolkids and opened up Crooked Beat Records in Raleigh, NC. He relocated the store in 2004 to the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. Today, Crooked Beat Records is one of the prominent record stores on the eastern seaboard thus serving as a magnet for fans of hard to find punk, indie, reggae and other hard to find titles in the vinyl format.

Daly joins Altavoz co-CEOs Nelson Jacobsen and Jessamyn Sarmiento in building on the ideals that started the company -- providing the distribution platform and channels that have traditionally eluded the independent artist so that their content/product can be accessed by their fans. “We are so happy to be reunited with Bill. His insight, contacts and enthusiasm for our company and the state of independent music and entertainment is going to help drive us to be very successful,” said Sarmiento. “We are honored to have Bill on board and look forward to his counsel as we launch our new website and other platforms this summer,” added Jacobsen.